Outfit of the day (#OOTD) | April 16th

Hello, hello, hello!

Let me start this one off by saying I initially wanted to post a tutorial on a natural look for school but I woke up with the most terrifying pimple on my chin and.. heck no. I also have been dealing with an annoying cold since Monday night and the last thing I wanted today was to slap makeup on my face just to sneeze everywhere five minutes later and have boogers everywhere. That’s a pretty mental image for you to keep in your mind. 😉 Attractive.

So, instead, I’ll show you what I wore today for school. In all honesty, the last thing I wanted to do this morning was make an effort with my outfit because of my cold and all that jazz, so I just quickly put together this simple but comfortable outfit. Mickey Mouse makes everything better and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

– I know I mentioned on my last post (x) that I was going to wait until I found someone with a good camera to shoot with me but I just figured I might as well just get started already. Maybe one day I’ll look back on this post and go all STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE. Also, this is me saying FYou to my insecurities and posing in front of a camera, which was such a weird feeling. Hopefully I’ll get used to this. –

Shorts: Vintage high wasted jeans that I cut and turned to shorts (Would you like to see a DIY on that? I know you guys are smart and I’m sure you can figure out it is easy to just go to a thrift store, buy a cheap pair of jeans and cut them short.)

Shirt: Target.

Shoes: I forgot to take a picture of what I wore today but I was basically wearing a pair of black slip-on Vans. SoOoO comfortable.



My dogs were playing with the ball in the background, so there’s also that. My dogs control my life.

I swear I am more interesting than just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt; this is me hoping that at least one of you will find inspiration from this, somehow. Maybe you are someone whose comfort zone is in jeans. I know that feeling. Why don’t you try rocking some shorts sometime? Rock those thunder thighs like ya girl is trying to do over here. Or try wearing comfy oversized shirts. They are awesome.

I have some awesome things planned out. I just need to figure out how the heck I’m gonna do them! Haha.

Hope you’re having a good week and I will talk to you guys soon!

9 thoughts on “Outfit of the day (#OOTD) | April 16th

    • Styling Canvas says:

      Hi, Daisy! Thanks for stopping by and taking some time off of your day to visit my blog. I know right? A good pair of shorts and a t-shirt are always a good idea, especially not that it’s starting to get warm outside. Hahah, I LOVE Disney! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Styling Canvas says:

      Girl. GIrl. GIRl. GIRL. GIRLLLLLLLLLLL. GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I’m sitting here with the widest smile on my face because you are the sweetest person! ❤ Hahaha, same! I made these but I also need to buy a new pair! Just trying to find a pair that doesn't show my butt too much! I'll definitely check your post out! And GIRL, my mom gave me the weirdest looks when she saw me taking these pictures so I definitely know the feeling HAHA.

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      • Eilidh❤️ says:

        Aw you’re so lovely! That’s so cool that you made your own shorts!☺️ Do you like cut up old jeans or something?💗 I actually have a sewing machine but I can’t use it lol😂 Its kinda useless to me😂 Also thank you!!!


  1. Dana says:

    ooooh thank mickey mouse top is everything!!!! 😀 I love it and with the denim shorts, uber cute! a perfect match
    Thank you for making a stop by my blog, hope you stay forever
    Have a fantastic day
    leaving my daily dosage of love, xx
    Dana, http://booquepress.com


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