Perfect makeup for summer

Hello, hello, hello!

How are you guys doing today? I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. Your hostess over here didn’t go to her senior trip, so I currently have a week off of school and enjoying every single second of it. Hehe.

I decided to take advantage of my week off and the fact that I got my hands on a laptop that actually works to start getting back on track with my blog after being away for a couple weeks. It feels weird because I was really starting to get the hang of this, so please bear with me while I pull myself together once again!


Now, let’s talk business. Coming from someone who was born and raised in a place that most people would call ‘paradise’, there are some perks to growing up in it. On the good side, we have beautiful beaches, amazing food, and I get to meet people from all over the world. But on the negative side, the weather is unbearable. I’m talking about crazy heat that makes you want to stay in all day with the A/C on doing nothing.

Luckily for me, I have mastered the art of makeup during this time of the year and here is how you can make yo’self all pwetty for all da boyz. (What was that…)


Face: L’Oreal’s Infallible foundation ($9 – $11 USD / ‎£9.99 / $200 pesos)

Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear concealer ($20 USD / £17.00 / $320 pesos)

My dearly beloved and dirty Infallible foundation by L’Oreal. What I love about this foundation is that it will stay on no matter how much you sweat throughout the day. I have completely stopped using foundation for now because I don’t like the idea of sweat and foundation and, nope. Nope. But if you feel the need/want some coverage, definitely go for a light to medium coverage base and use a double fiber or stippling brush for a natural look!

I have been covering my dark circles with MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer and it’s been a walk in the park. It makes me look much more awake and ready to take on my day with a natural, fresh look. I also found out a quick, little technique that helps my undereye concealer not crease and I’m so excited about this. Let me know if you’d like me to write a post about it!


Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (About $22 at

It’s (almost) summer and it’s hot and sticky outside, and the last thing we want is for our brows to look messy, am I right? What I’ve found that works best for me is Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow pomade because it is not a powder, so it won’t come off but instead, this gel/mouse type formula will really stay on your brows whilst also keeping them in place.


Eyes: Urban Decay’s NAKED BASICS palette

I don’t ask for much when it comes to my eye makeup during the summer, so when I am feeling fancy, this palette does the job for me. It has 6 neutral shades that can help you build a day look or a fancier, night-time look. My go-to palette and it is perfect for traveling!



Lips: The Body Shop lipstick #225

Mama loves her neutrals and I have found a new favorite of mine. I recently bought this pink-ish nude beauty at The Body Shop and fell in love with it. It is a moisturizing lipstick with a slight satin finish to it that will be perfect for any day-time look! I am all heart eyes emoji over it.

It’s starting to get really hot out there, so remember to let your skin breathe during the summer! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a nice ol’pair of sunglasses will do the trick for you. I feel like a mom right now. Eat your vegetables.

That is it for today, sweet little ducklings. I am really happy and excited to be back with you guys and can’t wait for you to see the fun content I have prepared for you. If you have any suggestions/comments please let me know in a comment and I’ll be more than happy to work on it! Friendly reminder that you can still comment even if you are not a WordPress user. 

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I hope you are all doing well and I will talk to you soon.

Much love,


19 thoughts on “Perfect makeup for summer

  1. Sara R. says:

    I love your blog so so much and this post definitely hiked its way up to something I’ll keep in mind for the summer! Keep up the wonderful work. ❤️


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